Invisalign PatientAs a Top 1% Invisalign Provider, Parks Orthodontics has a proven track record of successfully treating hundreds of patients with Invisalign. Using a series of clear, removable custom-made aligners, we are able to treat a broad range of dental and orthodontic conditions. We love offering our patients the benefits of Invisalign.

A Patient’s Perspective

Sarah is an Invisalign patient at Parks Orthodontics. She has graciously ​agreed to answer some questions about her experience to allow potential Invisalign candidates to see treatment from a patient’s perspective.

Why is a straight healthy smile important to you?

A straight and healthy smile is important to me because I will only get one set of teeth in my lifetime and I want it to be a good one.

Why did you choose Invisalign?

I chose Invisalign because I didn’t want to put my life on hold with braces. I like that Invisalign is not visible when you first look. You really have to be looking for the aligners to realize someone has them in. Also, I like that I am able to eat all types of foods. I have to brush my teeth before I put my Invisalign aligners back in.

Did you have any concerns or fears before your appointment?

Some concerns that I had before my first appointment for Invisalign were… would it hurt? Would people be able to see it? And at the time, I was still missing one of my teeth so I was wondering what the orthodontists were going to do with the gap between my teeth.

Describe your experience during your first appointment?

My experience at Parks Orthodontics has been great. I feel that everyone is nice and treats you like family.

Is Invisalign painful?

For the first two or three days my teeth were a little bit sore. I drank smoothies to counter the discomfort. I feel that the small discomfort you have with Invisalign is far less than what you experience when you get braces. After the first few days you forget that they’re even there.

Does Invisalign affect your speech?

After I got my Invisalign I had a small lisp for a few hours, but my gums and teeth got used to it quickly.

What steps will you take during your treatment to ensure your smile will be the best it can be?

On my journey with Invisalign so far, I have learned that if you wear your aligners for the prescribed amount of time, your teeth can adjust faster which will ensure the results will be great!

Thank you Sarah F. for answering our questions on Invisalign and satisfying our curiosity about the invisible and removable straightening system.

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