Anderson Brothers

kids with bracesIn China, children with albinism are often abandoned by their parents, and ostracized by society.  If Elijah, Paul & Micah had stayed in China, they would’ve faced a comfortless future. However, thanks to the generous hearts of Mr. & Mrs. Anderson, three of these boys were given a chance at a brighter future.

Having already raised two children of her own, Kim Anderson found her calling of helping special needs children when she came across a photo of a Chinese orphan name Elijah. She knew this was the right direction for her, and a way she could serve God, and this path has certainly taken the family on an amazing journey. Now, ten years later, the Andersons have adopted 4 special needs children, three of which have albinism and are legally blind.

When Kim and her husband, Steve, first traveled to China, they did not have any luck finding Elijah. However, they did find Abby, who was going on 14 years old, and had a leg deformity. They decided to do an emergency adoption, because once Abby turned 14, she would no longer be eligible for adoption.

Kim continued to work with the adoption agency, and finally found Elijah two years later. Another two years later, they adopted Paul, so that Elijah could have a brother. Then, three years later, they took home Micah. Even though they weren’t looking to adopt at the time, something called them to adopt one more child. Kim explains that the relationship isn’t one sided, and they receive so much love and joy from raising the boys.  “ I still have a hard time believing I didn’t birth these boys”, she says with a laugh.

The kids are part of a boy scouts troop and enjoy science and going to Awana Class. They will be busy this summer with blind camps, and Paul even got accepted to special camp run by the National Federation for the Blind.  The boys also love their sunny money, and wearing their Parks Orthodontics T-shirts. Elijah won an iPad touch during our Video contest. It’s been a blessing to him; he’s downloaded lots of Apps designed for the blind, and loves using it to read the Bible.

Kim faces the same challenges as any mother. She explains, “I sometimes worry that I don’t have enough of myself to go around.” Kim and Steve work hard to ensure a secure future for the boys. They knew that orthodontic treatment would be necessary, because she wanted the boys to have one less thing to worry about as adults. She also knew it was best to treat the problems now, rather than later. When she found about Parks orthodontics it was “no-brainer”, she loved the consistency with the friendly staff who always treat the Anderson brothers like their best friends.