Parks scholarshipThe first full week of June is Orthodontic Team Appreciation Week, which means now is the time to start thinking about how you can recognize the hard-working team at Parks Orthodontics! Since you may not know about all the different responsibilities orthodontic support team handle, here is a brief explanation of the different roles performed by our team every day.  Dr. Parks appreciates her team for the hard work they do to keep our patients smiling bright!

What Does the Orthodontic Team Do?

It takes an entire team of support team to help run an orthodontic office. From assisting the orthodontist in clinical procedures to scheduling appointments and maintaining a clean environment, there are plenty of responsibilities that must be completed each day to ensure an optimal patient experience. Here are some things our orthodontic team members do to help keep the office running smoothly.

Schedule Appointments

No orthodontic practice would function quite as well if they didn’t have a skilled patient scheduler on their team. The scheduler creates a schedule based on the individual needs of each patient and ensures the orthodontist will have enough time to serve the patient with comprehensive treatment at each visit. Taking into account unexpected circumstances and orthodontic emergencies is only a part of what an orthodontic scheduler does on a daily basis.

Coordinate Treatment Plans and Insurance Benefits

Most orthodontic offices have at least one team member who is primarily responsible for coordinating patient treatments and handling insurance claims. Coordinating insurance benefits so patients know exactly what may be covered by their individual insurance provider is an essential role in the orthodontic office. In addition to dealing with the insurance, treatment coordinators help the orthodontist create a treatment plan that can help the patient have a clear understanding of their treatment and explain how long they may need to wear braces on their teeth.

Clean and Sterilize

When a patient comes in for orthodontic treatment, they expect to enjoy the benefits of a clean and sterile environment. This is where orthodontic support team really does a great job. They work diligently each day to ensure all tools and orthodontic instruments are clean and sterilized for the next patient. They also clean each orthodontic treatment area and all waiting areas to ensure the best experience for every patient who walks through the door.

Assist the Orthodontist With Clinical Procedures

Chairside assistants are responsible for greeting patients and escorting them to the treatment area for their exam. Assistants also have clinical responsibilities that often include replacing elastic bands, clipping wires, preparing the patient for brackets, and many more essential functions. Chairside orthodontic assistants discuss proper care and maintenance with each patient and provide education and support to patients having difficulty maintaining their braces between appointments. Relaying patient concerns and assisting the orthodontist with all chair side treatment is also a significant part of the orthodontic assistant’s role.

Why Orthodontists Appreciate Their team

Any orthodontist knows the importance of having a professional team on their side. In addition to allowing the orthodontist to focus their attention on patients, support team members help enable the orthodontist to serve more people in a shorter period, thus reducing long wait times for appointments and serving patients more efficiently.

How Patients Can Recognize the Orthodontic team at Their Office

As a patient, you may not know how you can show appreciation for the team at your orthodontist’s office. If so, you’re certainly not alone, which is why we’ve put together a few ideas you can do to show your appreciation this June.

  • Write a Facebook post recognizing the team members at your orthodontist’s office.
  • Send a “Thank you” note via email directly to your orthodontist’s office.
  • Simply say “Thank you” at your next visit.
  • Write a short “Thank you” letter to the team and place it in the mail.

Orthodontic Support Team Is Essential for a Great Braces Treatment Experience

Our orthodontic office would not be complete without our friendly, professional team to create a welcoming environment, greet patients as they walk through the door, and assist the orthodontist in providing exceptional orthodontic treatment.

Whether you’re currently receiving orthodontic treatment from us or you have an amazing smile due to the efforts of our dynamic Parks Orthodontics team, take a moment this June to show your appreciation to the our  team members who work tirelessly to help you get the beautiful smile you deserve!