Courtney Cummings

Orthodontics PatientCourtney Cummings is a girl of many interests and many talents. With so many things to do she is always on the go. Her long list of talents includes dancing, swimming, cheerleading, tennis, playing piano and guitar, and acting. On top of it she’s a great singer, which you can see for yourself by watching her video, which landed her first place and the new iPad in one of our office contests.

As the oldest of four siblings, she holds a lot of responsibilities, and the pressure to set a good example for the younger ones. However, being the oldest also has its perks, like being the first to experience things. She’s looking forward to getting behind the wheel to learn how to drive.

Although it can be challenging, she is fantastic at managing her busy schedule for everything she does outside of school along with everything she does in school. When it comes to school she enjoys math, as it just comes easy to her. She even uses her math skills to help students as a tutor.  She also attends the York County School of the Arts.

In the future, she sees herself holding a college degree, and perhaps even starring in a few movies.  Courtney also has a soft spot for little kids, and hopes to work with them in some way.  She also has a creative side, and would like to incorporate art in her career someday. When you have so many interests & talents, it can be very hard deciding which path to take! Luckily, she has her parents’ love and support to teach her what is important in life, and to help her make tough decisions.

Courtney Cummings is excited that once she completes her treatment, when people look at her they will not be distracted by crooked teeth, instead they will be greeted with a smile of straight pearly whites, thanks to Dr. Parks and his wonderful team!