Furst Twins

Twins with bracesOver the years Brittany & Angela Furst have discovered the many benefits of having a twin. With the power & comfort of two, you never have to go through things alone, and for these sisters, this means they get to brave braces treatment together. This way the Furst girls get to share the pains and joys of braces with one another.

The Furst’s are a military family, who, in the past, have enjoyed living in Alaska, South Carolina, New Jersey, Alabama & even Germany. However, they are now happy to be settled in the Hampton Roads Area.  As a family, the Fursts have a wide variety of different hobbies. Mr. Furst loves bike rides, while the Furst Twins prefer shopping. But they all make compromises so everyone gets a turn doing their favorite thing.

Brittany & Angela first found out about Parks Orthodontics from their peers at school. As they heard about the game room, cookies, coffee machine, Sunny the bird, and the prizes, the girls were intrigued, and would have to pay Dr. Parks a visit for their own braces.

The brave Furst twins had no fears about getting braces, and are looking forward to achieving that perfect smile. “After their treatment the girls will truly look their best, and have a smile that they can be proud of. They’ll never have to cover their mouth when laughing or talking.”

Mrs. Furst did some searching around for a good orthodontist, and realized, “Parks Orthodontics makes getting braces as pleasant as possible. It would be my advice to any parent to choose Dr. Parks and his team for the smiles of their children. The Doctor & staff couldn’t be nicer, anyone would notice this from the moment you walk into the door.”