goopy impressionsRemember when your orthodontist used to fill a tray of flavored, thick putty (technically called alginate) and insert it in your mouth to take an impression of your teeth? Maybe you would gag, maybe your eyes would water, but certainly you couldn’t wait for them to TAKE IT OUT! The next step in the process involved your orthodontist pouring plaster into the impression to make precision molds of your teeth. Now, however, the use of sticky impression molds has been replaced with the newest in orthodontic technology:  the iTero Digital Scanner!

Dr. Parks spends a considerable amount of time studying the images of your teeth to determine all of the variables that will affect your future smile. Some of the variables may include:

  • Palate expansion
  • Tooth extraction due to overcrowding
  • Midline management
  • Misalignment of the teeth (crossbite, underbite, overbite)
  • Jaw alignment

Once your braces are placed, the process toward your perfectly aligned smile begins. Your teeth will no longer match the impressions created in the beginning, but your orthodontist knows exactly how to get to the destination.  

Ortho Fast Forward…

The need for accurate molds or models of your teeth is still paramount in orthodontic treatment. As orthodontics merges with computer technology, digital impressions or images of your teeth and jaw have become possible. A digital impression uses a scanner that accurately records every detail of your teeth and soft tissue structures rendering an instant, precise 3-D model of your teeth. The most patient-friendly part of the digital impression system is eliminating the need for the bulky, messy tray impressions and showing you what your expected finished results will be before you even begin treatment!

How Does it “See My Teeth”

The iTero Digital Scanner utilizes a sleek, intra-oral scanning wand that is guided along your teeth by Dr. Parks. The scan takes approximately 15-20 minutes and uses a radiation-free, infrared laser technology to record your unique dentition. Your digital impression is then displayed on the CAD/CAM screen in real time and color.  

The iTero Digital Scanner ensures a more accurate impression from the start, resulting in improved treatment and a more comfortable patient experience. This advancement in technology allows your orthodontist to visualize your teeth and jaw from any angle and design the optimum treatment plan for your unique orthodontic needs. A patient is able to see their digital impression and also see the expected results before your treatment begins.

Special Uses

The iTero Digital Scanner is used to determine optimum bracket placement for clear or traditional braces. It is necessary to place brackets in the precise location that will maximize movement without causing twisting or rotation.  By using new scanning technology, Parks Orthodontics is able to be incredibly precise in the bracket placement, ensuring that your teeth and jaw alignment is completed with optimal results.

The iTero Digital Scanner is especially useful in Invisalign orthodontic treatment. The scanned images of your teeth are sent directly to the makers of Invisalign. They will instantly begin designing your series of clear aligners that will alter and improve your smile forever. The digital scanner can be used throughout your Invisalign treatment to ensure the approach is effective and creating the desired results.

How We Can Help  

If you are considering Invisalign or traditional braces to take you to your smile destination, we have many options to choose from. Parks Orthodontics is here to answer your questions and discuss your treatment choices. Schedule your complimentary consultation today at 757-874-6655.