Peyton and Lauren Mohrhusen

orthontic patientsPeyton and Lauren Mohrhusen are sisters who enjoy playing hockey, listening to music on their iPods, and having adventures outside with their friends. They are always there to stick up for each other, but also get into little tiffs, as all siblings do.  It used to be a reccurring fight over whose turn it was to go to the orthodontist.  To keep the peace, it has now been arranged that both the girls have their appointments on the same day.

Peyton is currently wearing braces, and Lauren wore an E-arch and now is wearing a lip bumper in preparation for her braces. Mrs. Mohrhusen wanted her girls to receive orthodontic treatment so that they can go through life with high self-esteem. She always stresses the importance of eating a well balanced diet and brushing and flossing your teeth regularly and properly. Practicing good dental hygiene has a big impact on your overall physical and mental health.

Mrs. Mohrhusen appreciates Dr. Park’s professionalism and waiting until the right time to start the appropriate treatment for all patients.  They all love how family centered the practice is, “everything is just wonderful from the moment you walk into the door.” Everyone is so nice, and accommodating to your needs. Although, the girls were apprehensive about visiting the orthodontist, their worries vanished completely within the friendly environment at Parks Orthodontics.

Peyton & Lauren Mohrhusen both have big aspirations and goals to meet. Lauren has a love for animals, especially sea animals, and wants to become a Marine Biologist. Peyton has a very creative mind, and is always thinking of her next art project. She hopes to inspire other kids as a future art teacher. With their new & healthy smiles they will be able to reach all their goals with confidence.