Invisalign® First

An Alternative to Palate Expanders in Early Treatment

Invisalign® First introduces a new way to address the needs of younger patients by offering an aligner specifically designed to target arch expansion, the most common interceptive treatment for children. Parks Orthodontics is excited to offer Invisalign® First as an alternative treatment for widening the upper arch. The aligners are designed for patients with a mixture of permanent teeth and baby teeth. In accordance with the goal of early treatment, Invisalign® First can correct a broad range of younger patients’ malocclusions, manage erupting dentition, and guide dental arch expansion. Some other orthodontic conditions that Invisalign® First can treat include:

  • Arch development
  • Expansion
  • Spacing/crowding
  • A-P correction
  • Aesthetic alignment
  • Tooth protrusion or interferences

As a top Provider of Invisalign®, Parks Orthodontics offers the highest level of Invisalign® case experience. We look forward to offering our Phase 1 patients the same great benefits of Invisalign® technology. Call 757-874-6655 today or request an appointment online for a complimentary Invisalign® First smile assessment.

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Benefits of Invisalign® First over Fixed Appliances:

No wire pokes or broken brackets means fewer trips to the office for repairs

Faster, more predictable treatment means fewer appointments and better outcomes

No dietary restrictions – eat whatever you want, whenever you want

Don’t worry about a lost aligner, patients can typically just move to the next one

Request a Complimentary Invisalign® First Smile Assessment