Patient Stories

At Parks Orthodontics, we are blessed to have the best patients around! The patients featured on this page have shared their stories about themselves and their treatment. We invite you to take a minute to get to know these wonderful people. Through these patient stories, we hope you can catch a glimpse of personal experience and compassionate care we strive for everyday!  Please let us know if you would like to share your story with us!

Parks Ortho patients“We love how family centered the practice is. Although, the girls were apprehensive about visiting the orthodontist, their worries vanished completely within the friendly environment at Parks Orthodontics.” Read more

Adult ortho patient“Now that he is finally completed treatment, he feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. Last month, he had family portraits taken with his wife and son, and it was the first time he took a picture with an open smile in many years.” Read more

“Absolutely!!! I knew this was going to be a wonderful experience as soon as we walked through the door. EVERYONE was so kind, professional, and knowledgeable.” – Alfreda H.

“Friendly staff and neat office. My son loved the waiting area with all the iPads.” – Christian R.

“People there are great and make my daughter comfortable! Very good place to go!” – Danyelle C.

“The people who work there are awesome, kind, gentle. They work with their patients who have trouble with different types of situation when it comes to dental. Thank you for your patience and understanding.” – Tazzie T.

“Amazing staff! From behind the desk to chair side. They are all so kind and helpful. I’m so happy we found them!” – Katherine N.

“Love the service we get here! My son is almost done with his braces and my daughter will be next. We will without a shadow of doubt be returning to Parks for all of our orthodontic needs!” – Amber M.

“We love Parks Orthodontics. My oldest got into his braces 3 years ago, now has the best smile and happy kid. Now the youngest and myself are in braces. The office staff is wonderful and always polite. We enjoy going to our appointment. My son loves reward program, he makes sure he brings everything to get them.” – April F.

“I was a patient of Bill Parks in the 80s. When I returned to Newport News with my children, it was no question I would send them to Dr. Parks. While we were saddened to learn Bill Parks had passed, his daughter Meredith was in the practice. When I visited the practice, I was pleased to find not only some of the same artwork, but the tremendous joy, professionalism, and patient focus I had received. There administrative staff is excellent, and patients are really made to feel important. I recommend them to everyone I know!” – Will G.

“I have been treated at Park’s for about three years. I am almost 70 years old and had Invisalign braces for the first 2 years then finished off with some regular braces. My bite was corrected and serious crookedness. I have been very pleased with the work this group has done. Each technician I have had has done a very good job. I would recommend this orthodontist highly.” – Bill. H

The office is so clean and inviting and the staff is wonderful!!!” – Stacy G.

“We had our first visit / consultation today and I couldn’t be more pleased with your office. Not only was it clean and easy to find but everyone in that office was so wonderful and friendly. My son left feeling confident and excited about getting braces, that alone made the visit worth while. Thanks again!!!!” – Brandy M.

“We love Parks! Everyone is extremely friendly and attentive to your needs!” – Christina W.

“Parks orthodontist is the best! I went in today to get braces. The treatment was fast and the staff was extremely friendly. I would recommend them to anyone.” – Monica B.

“Some of the many things I love about Parks are the vehicle decals, awards for brace recipients, Starbucks coffee, cookies and gatherings! Although I understand marketing, it’s apparent it’s MUCH more than that! Thank you so much for making us feel special!” – Theresa H.

“My son Ta’von got his braces put on today. I really like this office and the staff. Just awesome all the way around.” – Tiffany C.

“Noah has had an excellent experience so far with Dr. Parks. He is adjusting well to all the new things going on with his teeth!!” – Julie James Barley

“Great experience with our son! Super friendly staff and Dr. Parks was delightful. Office is fun and kid friendly! We highly recommend Parks Orthodontics” – Carol  Hayes

“Great, friendly, Stephanie likes ’em!” – Bob Smole

“Friendly staff, excellent care!!! If you are in need of orthodontic care, this is the place to go !!! – Jennifer Diane Soutar

“We love Parks. If you need braces go there!” – Sabrina Bellino

“Parks Orthodontist is the best! We have had 6 children as patients and their office has that rare ability to mix professionalism with the warm atmosphere of visiting friends. They are simply wonderful!”Jamie Greene Irwin

“Everyone at Parks Orthodontists was WONDERFUL with my girl today. She was so scared, but came through with not a tear and was actually excited about her new metal 🙂 She’s asked me 20 times this evening if I can see what color her rubber bands are. Thanks to everyone who was there today!” – Charlotte Bush

My two children were able to get their great smiles here. They are now in their 40’s! They still look great!”Carol Shulenburg

“Dr. Parks and Parks Orthodontics changed my life. They are so friendly, professional and down right fun. This makes a huge difference when you are having something like braces etc. done… cannot recommend them enough!” – Joy Hipson Charbonneau

I love Parks Orthodontics. They make everything fun!” – L.T.

Parks Orthodontics is such an amazing place. The people are so nice and care about you!! If anyone needs braces I suggest you go here, and you will not regret it. It is the best place EVER! I LOVE YOU PARKS ORTHODONTICS!” – Kasi B.

I love Parks Orthodontics. They are so nice and have really helped me learn how to take care of my teeth. I always feel welcomed and calmed when I go there and am comfortable and relaxed when my mother tells me, “Kylee, you have to go to the orthodontist.” It’s an all around good environment. – Kylee H.

We love Parks Orthodontics. They are always efficient and on time which, as a busy Mom, is much appreciated.” – B.T.

When you go to Parks Orthodontics, the people who work there don’t just treat you like a patient, but they treat you as a friend. And one of the many cool things about Parks Orthodontics is that they reward you for things such as nothing loose or broken. -L.V.

My daughter, Aimee Camille Gibson, had her braces off January 8th and her teeth are so beautiful! Thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job making my daughter’s smile even more beautiful!” – Gibson

This is one of the best run businesses around! We switched insurance halfway through with no problems. My son’s smile is gorgeous and my daughter is next! I can’t say enough good things about Parks! – Amanda

“Thanks for a beautiful smile!! 18 years later, and my teeth are still straight!” – Andrea Carter

“Parks Orthodontist is the place to get your “Brace Face On”…K’yaira is one year down and one to go!!! We LOVE you all!”Veda Smith

“Loved the service and how they treat their patients” – Daniela Suarez

“The people are nice and gentle with my teeth. And I like the iPad games! The office is fun!” – Jessica

“I like Parks Orthodontics! Great place!” – J. Walker

“I really like Parks Orthodontist because everyone there is nice and I like the work they do. S. Barnes

“I love Parks Orthodontics! Everyone is kind and friendly!” C. Sandoval

“Since the time I walked into Parks Orthodontics office everyone was very pleasant. The atmosphere is always very fun which makes it easy for my son to endure it. Thank you.” A. Vadez

“It’s a very kind environment! The people are kind and I like how everyone is in the same room.” – A. Mayers

“The environment is very warm, and the staff is friendly. I used to hate the dentist, but now that I go to Parks I don’t fear going to the dentist. The arcade is so cool, I like that I get check myself in every time.” – M. Gonzales

“Parks Orthodontics is great…they are a lot of fun too!” – N. Johnson

“Everyone is so professional and helpful at Parks Orthodontics.” – E. Hayes

“Parks Orthodontics is a great and fun place to go! I definitely had a good time with my braces because of Dr. Parks and staff!” – P. Morhusen

“I love this place. The staff is great and my smile is awesome!” – K. Duval

“Parks Orthodontics is so awesome because all the people that work there are so nice!” – H. Samuels

“Parks Orthodontics is wonderful. The process from our consultation appointment to my son getting his braces went really quick. The consultation appointment Dr. Parks was very informative and explained the process to use so that we understand how the treatment process will go as planned. Not only explaining it in models she provided pictures of my son’s teeth so that we can see a change as the treatment progresses. I am very happy that we chose Parks Orthodontics. Everyone is so helpful even the office personal and hygienists. Once the treatment started my son used his bite stick and chewed it up. Although closed on Fridays we came in not knowing this but there was a personal person there completing some catch-up work. This person provided my son with more bite sticks for the weekend since he was going on a youth retreat. I love that they are meeting more than my expectations so far! Thanks!” – C. McGinnis

“This is the best orthodontics in town. Everything is perfect about Parks Orthodontics!” A. Burrows

“They were very kind and made my experience great. I was nervous to get braces,but they showed me how great braces are.” – P. Grove

“We have had nothing but great experiences with Parks Orthodontics. They are always welcoming and friendly with our family and my daughter’s smile is looking lovely!” – K. Ward

“Dr. Parks has been a part of my family since my father was a kid. Dr. Parks has done my father’s teeth, my Uncles’, my Brothers’, Aunts’ and even my best friend and my Mom’s best friend’s kids. I have to say, they all have perfect teeth now including me. Thanks to Dr. Parks and staff we all have something to smile about.” – C. Walsh

“Staff is very friendly, gentle and knowledgeable. I am so happy I chose Parks Orthodontics for my Invisalign!” – J. Pollak

“I love Parks Orthodontics. The staff is so nice and friendly, and I always leave knowing that I was well taken care of. :)” – M. Covey

“Thank you for a great job with Dylan’s braces, and then being able to have him come back to fix them so quickly.” – D. Caldwell

“I have never seen someone who works there without a smile on their face.” – B. Furst

“Parks Orthodontics is the” – I. Bleicken

“When you’re at Parks you feel like family! How they treat you touches you on a personal level! Thanks for all you do!” -S. Vollbrecht

“A great place to call a second home for your teeth! The staff is very welcoming and friendly! Legendary service! They find new ways to keep their patients and families health, happy, and entertained! I have a new smile in progress and look forward to the teams hard work in making my smile perfect for me:)” – N. Haskie

“Parks Orthodontics is more than just an orthodontic office. The staff there genuinely cares about your treatment and they genuinely care about you. They are extremely supportive and keep you up to date on the progress of your treatment plan. Dr. Parks and his staff offer the most welcoming atmosphere that you can’t help but feel comfortable around them!! – J. Scott

“Parks Orthodontics is a very special orthodontics office. They spend extra time and care to make sure the patients are comfortable and happy. They provide you with games, competitions, rewards, and more. Who knew braces could be fun?” K. Wilkinson

“This is the best Orthodontist ever! The staff is always happy, friendly and easy to work with a kids busy schdule. We love Dr. Parks.” – K. Poitras

“Parks Orthodontics is amazing! They are always very friendly. What I like most about them is they make it a fun experience for my daughter and the environment is very kid friendly.” – S. Dodson

“I am personally grateful for the attention to detail, Dr. Meredith Parks has displayed in her craft. I believe Parks to be the best orthodontist office in Virginia; you are all so professional and dedicated to the patients. I truly appreciate you all, and thank you for all your kindness and help. – Ed Carr

“I love Parks Orthodontist! The people there are really nice and helpful. I’ve been with them for about four years and have enjoyed the experience very much. Their locations are creative and fun, perfect for kids and young adults. Their rooms are calming to every age, with complimentary snacks and drinks for waiting patients and parents.  All and all, Parks is the place to go.”  – Merrick Overton

“Parks Orthodontics is such a special place for kids! The staff is wonderful and really make the kids comfortable! I would recommend you guys to anyone!” –  Nik Santomauro

“The staff was the nicest group of women! Never have I gotten such care. They were helpful, super friendly, really cared and were chatty. Blown away.” -Carrie A.

“Today I got my braces. I was not nervous especially after Mrs. Karen P. gave me a pep talk and Ms. Tani was so careful while working on my teeth.” – Jada Woodard

“Dr. Parks was so nice, and he explained everything so well. Karen was also awesome. She was extremely nice, and very knowledgeable. I think Sophia will have a great experience. I liked that you offered cookies, pencils, water and coffee. That is so cool.”  – Sophia O 

I really appreciate Dr. Meredith’s time with my son. We visited last year for a free consultation for braces and returned yesterday for a free follow-up appointment. Her professionalism and kind manner are much appreciated!” – Raymond P. 

I have always appreciated the patient care and quality provided by Parks Ortho! They ALWAYS go above and beyond to provide amazing service!” -Kristina H.

“Best orthodontist office ever!!! My family is in its 3rd generation of braces!! They have a Starbucks coffee station, clean, they are very involved in their patients. T-shirts, reward points. Very cool. Nowhere even comes CLOSE to this place! Affordable!” – Benjamin F.

“The whole experience has been very pleasant. The staff is great and Dr. Parks is amazing with her explanations and answers to all my questions. As for my Invisalign, I have been completely satisfied with the progress. It has exceeded my expectations.” – Mary W.

“As an unscheduled appointment, we appreciate all your friendliness, professionalism, efficiency, and the best customer service we’ve ever experienced. All businesses should model themselves after Parks Orthodontics.” – Deegan D.

“I love the whole Parks Ortho team. Always a great experience!! Highly recommended!”   Laurie W.

“Everyone that works here is so patient and friendly. I always have a lovely experience at Parks Orthodontics and am going to always recommend this business to others.” – Shannon M. 

My son will be attending his last retainer check in August which means that he/we have had the pleasure of associating with the staff at Parks Orthodontics for more than two years and each visit has been great. The staff rocks-keep serving the cookies & drinks. – Qhiyal T.

“Dr. Berry is great at making my daughter feel comfortable and have an enjoyable experience every time!” – Abigail U.

“It is always very welcoming and friendly service. Coffee and water always available for the parents while waiting. Parents are able to easily slip back to talk to the doctor or check on their child.” – Hannah H.

“Exceeded our expectations for an initial consult for our daughter. You office was wonderful. Every single person we came in contact with was friendly, helpful, thorough and made our daughter feel so comfortable. Thank you times 100!” -Ella K.

“This was our first visit and it was very impressive. The staff was friendly and answered any questions I had. The office is clean and current and offers my teenager the use of an Ipad as he is waiting. The process was clearly explained to me.” – Ian

“You guys are awesome!! The best around :)” – Aijia B.

“We have been in the Parks family for 2 generations.” -Catherine T.

“Love everything about this office and the staff.” -Akiyah W.

“Very pleased with every experience! The staff is awesome!”– Alyssa K.

“I love this place …felt so welcome ….everybody was nice and very friendly.” – Raheen K.

“Always a good experience. Questions are answered and any problems solved.” – Mary W.

“The people in this office make you feel like you’re home with the family. My visits here have been fun and exciting. I went to them for Invisalign and it’s my 17th week under their care. Everyone has such positive energy and they are happy that they’re there with you. It seems like everyone has their own testimony of experiences to put you at ease. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for orthodontic work. Excellent in every way!” – David Q.

Meet the Stubbs Family: Three Generations of Parks Orthodontic Smiles

yorktown orthodontist

“Parks Orthodontics treated our whole family.  My mother and I both had orthodontic work in the 1980s by Dr. Bill Parks. My niece, Anna Stubbs, and son Alex Forsgren,  had smiles designed  by Dr. Parks. The orthodontic work done at Parks Orthodontics is equal to a work of art!  His attention to detail and alignment is unmatched. We have three more children and as a military family, we move a great deal, but I plan on all of my children going to Parks Orthodontics when the time comes for their teeth to be straightened. A beautiful smile is the best  advertisement a person can have for themselves and I wouldn’t trust my children’s smiles to anyone but Dr. Parks.” – Susan Stubbs