Today’s Adult Has the Option of Invisalign Clear Aligners

2019-12-10T11:53:35-05:00January 1st, 2020|BLOG|

Whether you think you're too old for orthodontic treatment or feel uncomfortable about getting braces, don't worry--Invisalign has got you covered! Invisalign clear aligners for adults are a welcome treatment option when it comes to straightening teeth, for old and young alike. Clear aligners are discreet and more comfortable than braces, which makes them an [...]

The Invisalign Process: What To Expect

2019-09-12T11:51:39-04:00November 1st, 2019|BLOG|

Are you considering Invisalign clear aligners? As an alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign is becoming increasingly popular with adults and teens.  Invisalign is a clear, custom-made aligner used to move and align teeth for better health and a great smile. It is changed approximately every two weeks for about six to 18 months, depending upon [...]

October is National Orthodontic Health Month

2019-08-19T14:08:29-04:00October 1st, 2019|BLOG|

While many may think of October as being dedicated to Halloween, orthodontists celebrate the month as National Orthodontic Health Month! During October, orthodontists around the country work to promote awareness about the benefits of orthodontic treatment and celebrate the far-reaching advantages of a healthy smile. If you're looking to improve your child's (or your own!) [...]

How to Care for Your Braces at School

2019-07-15T13:32:01-04:00September 1st, 2019|BLOG|

If you're wearing braces on your teeth, then you're already well on your way to getting the beautiful smile you deserve. However, to keep your teeth healthy and strong throughout your orthodontic treatment, it's important to take extra care of your teeth and braces during this time. Especially while you're at school, it can be [...]

What You Should Know About Mouthguards and Braces

2019-07-09T12:29:24-04:00August 1st, 2019|BLOG|

If you are playing sports with braces, especially any kind of contact sport, it is very important that you are protecting your mouth. One of the best ways to do this is by wearing a mouthguard. People generally have questions when it comes to sports, braces, and mouthguards, and it is important that these questions [...]

Dr. Parks Receives High Honors Among Orthodontist Practices throughout the Peninsula

2019-06-12T13:22:22-04:00July 1st, 2019|BLOG|

Dr. Meredith Parks and Parks Orthodontics are pleased to announce that they have been voted the Peninsula Silver award in the Orthodontists Practice category throughout the Peninsula! Coastal Virginia Magazine’s annual “Best of” contest took place over the course of 3 months, during which time nominations and votes were tallied to find the best of [...]

Coming in June: Orthodontic Team Appreciation Week

2019-05-29T11:45:04-04:00June 1st, 2019|BLOG|

The first full week of June is Orthodontic Team Appreciation Week, which means now is the time to start thinking about how you can recognize the hard-working team at Parks Orthodontics! Since you may not know about all the different responsibilities orthodontic support team handle, here is a brief explanation of the different roles performed [...]

Do Braces Affect Self Confidence?

2019-04-08T10:21:40-04:00May 1st, 2019|BLOG|

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, more than four million people in the U.S. wear braces. Braces are no longer just for teenagers, as 25% of people who wear braces are adults. Parks Orthodontics sees patients of all ages who want to change their smile and feel more confident during their daily life. Why [...]

Are You Ready For Your First Visit?

2019-03-26T13:25:56-04:00April 1st, 2019|BLOG|

Getting ready for your first visit to the orthodontist is easy!  Parks Orthodontics has a family-friendly, fun office that welcomes the entire family during your first visit and for all that come after.  To make sure you’re extra-ready, follow this advice from Dr. Parks so that you’ll be as excited to meet us as we [...]